Saturday, February 28, 2009

"This Divorce Will Teach Them That Marriage Is Serious!"

At the insistence of the groom’s parents, a teenaged couple recently received a divorce in Israel. One news article announcing the divorce quoted a spokesperson as saying “that young people should take the lesson from the divorce that ‘marriage is not a joke but a serious commitment that should not be taken lightly.’”

Call me dense, but I don’t see how granting this young couple a divorce teaches that marriage is a serious commitment. If it truly is a serious commitment, why was it so easy for them to end it? Allowing the couple to try to make the marriage work would be a much better lesson about commitment. Yes, marriage is difficult for young people, but often teenagers’ marriages last for decades, while some “grown-ups” change their spouses faster than their cars.

I hope the bride and groom teach their parents’ generation something about commitment by remarrying a few years from now and making the marriage last a lifetime.

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