Thursday, March 26, 2009

SuperChristian or Super Christian?

Our pastor recently preached about not living to please others, giving examples of ways that Christians compromise our actions to fit in with the culture around us. As he spoke, I realized that, while I do struggle with trying to please others, I’m more likely to worry about fitting in with other Christians than fitting into the world around me. I fail to be a super Christian because I worry about what the SuperChristians will think.

You may know what I mean by a “SuperChristian” – not necessarily someone who is a better Christian or lives a holier life than I do, but someone who appears to hold him- or herself to a higher standard of living. It’s the person who, from real or false conviction, doesn’t drink, dance, wear skirts above the knee, or (fill in the blank); the person who never misses a church service for any reason; the person who might not actually be judging my actions but who I always fear will be.

When I talk about trying to fit in with SuperChristians, I don’t mean avoiding things that are specifically called sins in the Bible, but rather following individual convictions that are not my own. I worry about what other Christians will think of me if they know I drank a daiquiri last night or that one of my favorite shows focuses on someone who lies about being a psychic.

Living to please SuperChristians is just as bad as living to please non-Christians. Either way, I am failing to live for God. Rather than striving to be a super Christian – to know God better and to follow Christ’s example more closely – I am deceiving others by trying to appear to be a SuperChristian. If I succeed in that deception, I am also perpetuating a false “higher” standard of living, thereby intimidating others in such a way that hinders genuine fellowship.

I don’t want to be a SuperChristian, just a super Christian. I want to know God well enough to know what He wants me to do and to do that thing faithfully.


  1. You wouldn't be interested in moving to Fredericksburg, would you? Your writing is so on point with a lot of the things Tom and I are seeing and thinking about a lot, especially in regard to our church planting efforts here. I'm glad we aren't the only ones who see a lot of things as just "messed up" within the church, and within Christian society in general. Keep on writing! :) (Does this make Tom and me "minority thinkers" as well???)

  2. Thanks! And yes, you are probably minority thinkers, too. But I think enough people are starting to change their thinking that we might eventually be in a majority. Not sure about moving...we don't really expect to stay where we are forever, but we lived in the Tidewater area for a while and thouht it was too busy! Let us know if you do some church planting somewhere else :)


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