Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Christian Carnival, Edition 275

Being relatively new to blogging and to the Christian Carnival, I am excited to be a first-time hostess for this, the 275th edition! The carnival brings together Christian bloggers from many different denominational (and nondenominational) backgrounds, offering readers a variety of Christian thought on many topics of interest.

Next week’s hostess will be Michelle from Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus. Enter your best post for the week (today through next Tuesday) here. Join the carnival’s Google group to get notices when new carnivals are posted.

Now, a review of the week in Christian blogs:

Wednesday, April 29, and earlier

Brandon Peterson, who states his conviction “that reformed theology properly captures the essence and the transcendent nature of God,” outlined the five core doctrines of Calvinism in “Human Responsibility vs. God’s Sovereignty.”

Free Money Finance addressed the fine line between saving and hoarding in its weekly feature on Money and the Bible.

Jeremy Rooney at Your Christian Voice related a parent’s love to God’s love for us in “A Father’s Love.”

“God doesn't want us to be afraid of the hard road, because he will be right there beside us,” Tracy Dear wrote in “This Is Sin – The Easy Road” at New Mercy.

Martin Roth at Christian Counseling Services played virtual matchmaker in “The Single Christian,” which he describes as “a commentary on the extent to which God has a plan – and an ideal mate – for every Christian.”

Thursday, April 30

Jeff from concluded his Wolves in Wool series on false teachers and false doctrines with “From Christ to Antichrist.”

Ronnica at Ignorant Historian took on the controversial topic of whether homosexuality is genetic in “Gay Worms?”

In “Persecution & Compromise: Double Trouble for Revelation’s Readers” at Boston Bible Geeks, Danny offered “some thoughts on the message of Revelation for the original readers and for us today,” including this one: “Perhaps the American church isn’t facing the beast, but we are facing the harlot.”

Explaining that “You can tell a lot about your future by your attitude towards God and life,” Christian Personal Finance submitted “Attitude: Turning the Negative into the Positive,” which discusses how putting your faith in God can change your attitude and help you see the opportunities around you.

Scripture We Like to Ignore: Mark 10:17-30, Giving to the Poor” right here at The Minority Thinker also encouraged readers to think about money and our attitudes as Christians.

Friday, May 1

The Problem of Evil” at Weblog of a Christian Philosophy Student is the result of “a discussion that a Christian friend found helpful on the problem of evil - using the difference between 'brain' and 'mind' to explain why we must suffer,” according to blogger William Green.

Lynn Fowler of Christian Spiritual Warfare said in “Walking in Peace” that in Ephesians 6:15, “Paul is not talking about our taking the Gospel to others, but rather about the effect that the Gospel has on us personally.” She then explained that the Gospel of peace means both having peace with God and having the peace of God.

Robert Minto stayed up late to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine and reviewed it at The Veil Away. When submitting this post, he remarked, “the purpose of the review is to reflect on the way that super-heroes pose and answer a theological question [the righteous and merciful character of God] and how that is at the base of their appeal to us.”

Saturday, May 2

Rey Reynosa from The Bible Archive continued a series on the resurrection of believers with “The Possibility of a Resurrection,” a post that explains “how a physical resurrection is possible based on our own biological and cosmological experience” and what having a resurrection body means.

Michelle made some resolutions to celebrate a new year of life (happy birthday, Michelle!) in Psalm 139:13-16 at Thoughts and Confessions of a Girl Who Loves Jesus.

Sunday, May 3

Jim DeSantis submitted his post, “Are There Only Nine Commandments?” from On Line Tribune Reports: Spiritual Maters, along with this summary: “One of the most controversial subjects among Christians today is whether or not the Ten Commandments are still valid today. While many concede that nine of them are still valid, but the 4th one concerning keeping of the Sabbath on the day ordained and sanctified by God is no longer necessary, some even go as far as to say that all ten have been abolished and that we are now ‘Under Grace, not the Law.’ How do these viewpoints line up biblically?”

Monday, May 4

In my favorite post of this week’s carnival, Weekend Fisher explored “Christian themes – and their opposites” in the Twilight novels. Check it out in “Twilight: Fantasy, Romance, and Gospel” at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.

Richard Anderson quotes scholars with contrasting opinions in “Different Views of Luther’s Atonement Thinking” at dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos.

Stephen Miracle offered us “Conquer The Unknown and Fulfill Your Destiny” at Inspirational Thoughts & Stories for the Spiritual Christian. I can’t relate to his fear of approaching women, but I can agree with his thesis that “All important things – whether God, life, or relationships – come with uncertainties and a need for faith. If you dream for more, then you must get beyond yourself.”

Mark Olson considered two words in “Word and Meaning: Sin and Mystery” at Pseudo-Polymath.

Tuesday, May 5

Can We Trust the Gospels?” at Homeward Bound addressed some comments from an earlier post by pointing to the work of Mark D. Roberts. When submitting the post, Chris B. wrote, “Why should we believe what the Gospels tell us about Jesus? That is the fundamental question we have to answer before we approach the resurrection or any other topic relating to the life and ministry of Jesus. Join [the discussion] as we explore the answer to this question.”

Jeremy Pierce posted “Anti-Creationism Unconstitutional”at Parableman. He writes, “A U.S. District Court in California has applied Supreme Court precedents on endorsement of religion to rule that it's unconstitutional to declare creationism to be superstitious nonsense. This post argues that this is the wrong result constitutionally, but it gets Supreme Court precedent right.” Thanks, Jeremy, for a thoughtful exploration of this topic – and for your behind-the-scenes advice for my first carnival hosting job!

One thing this week’s submissions show is that a lot of thoughtful Christians are blogging. May these posts encourage you to refine your thinking and renew your commitment to Christ!


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