Saturday, June 6, 2009

Guest Post at Christian Personal Finance

I've written a guest post for the Christian Personal Finance blog, "Is Your Mortgage Hindering You from Fulfilling God's Call?" Check it out.

If you've found this blog from that site, welcome! My intent is to write thought-provoking posts that generate discussion. Please leave comments -- whether you agree or disagree, I'll be glad to hear your thoughts.


  1. I arrived at your blog from CPF. I love that post and I do agree that debt hinders us from fulfilling God's purpose.
    For instance, my church has short term mission to Canada that I cannot take off from work and not get paid (of course to pay off debt). A missed opportunity - we are indeed slaves to the lenders.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I couldn't find a way to email you--sorry if I missed it! Over at, you recently left a comment about your Chase card changing its rewards program and calling it "new" rewards.

    I'm a reporter at Money magazine, and I'm working on a story about some of these issues. I would love to share your experience in the piece--I'm looking for real people to illustrate what they've dealt with in terms of their credit card rewards programs.

    Would you be interested in chatting with me briefly? If so, please email me at or call 212-522-7658. I am on a rather tight deadline, so it would be great if we could talk by Monday, June 22.

    Thanks so much for your time!



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