Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is Jesus Really the Answer?

“Jesus is the answer to any question you have” isn’t as popular a cliché as it used to be, but it’s still part of the unwritten Christian phrase book. (I just heard someone say it this week.) The statement never made sense to me (still doesn’t), and I don’t understand how it became so popular. Yes, Jesus is the answer to many questions, but not every one:

"How can I be reconciled to God?" Jesus. (Works as an answer)

"Who demonstrated the best way for me to live?" Jesus. (Still works)

"Should I move in with my boyfriend?" Jesus. (Not quite – Jesus has the answer for that, but He isn’t actually the answer, even if your boyfriend’s name is “Jesus.”)

"What is the capital of Brazil?" Jesus. (Doesn’t work, unless you are trying to refer to the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, in which case you still have the capital city wrong)

"Will you show me yet again how to fix the flat tire I got on your car?" Jesus. (Not only wrong as an answer, but actually a violation of the third commandment, as commonly interpreted)

When will we Christians stop saying such nonsensical things as “Jesus is the answer” to non-Christians? It’s no wonder our attempts at evangelism are ineffective.


  1. It could mean that if he isn't the immediate answer to a question or issue, then he is somehow the indirect answer to the question or issue.

    There was a Jubilee speaker a few years back that hit on this. Her point was to use your mind rather than shouting "Jesus, Jesus!" as the response to everything. It often doesn't make Christians look too bright.
    I'll have to try to figure out what her name was... I think an African- American, but not totally sure.

  2. This is a great observation, and ties in with a lot of complaints against mainstream religion that I have been thinking about lately. There are so many things I want to say on this, but I think I'll wait until my mind calms down a little.

    Sermons at my church have been covering James lately, and controlling my tongue has been a message that I've needed to take to heart for a long time.


  3. Jesus is the answer. But a better word would be solution. He may not be the capitol but without Jesus there'd be no brazil! Wanna move in with ya bf, scripture says he'll be a lamp unto thy feet! But are you humbling yourself and repenting before you pray and ask God to give you a million and 1 things? Hmmmm and as for the flat tire, God can do anything he wants. We forget that nothing is impossible with God! But you gotta believe that! Are you believing?


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