Saturday, October 3, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing: A Review of Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff

Hank Haanegraaff offers an acronym for everything in Christianity In Crisis: The 21st Century, an update of his earlier book with the same title. The book contains so many acronyms that none of them are useful as mnemonic devices, and they are just one contributor to the overall effect of the book, which is to numb the mind with exhaustive (albeit well researched and well documented) details about the false theology of contemporary preachers of the Faith Movement. Repetitive use of the same quotes for illustrations, multiple levels of sectional divisions, and a bland writing style don’t help matters.

While Christianity in Crisis addresses a real problem – heresies too readily accepted by the Christian community today – the style of the book may prevent it from accomplishing its purposes. Those who believe the Faith teachers may think that Haanegraaff protests too much (if they even attempt to read a book with 427 pages of fine print, including nearly 100 pages of appendices and end notes), while those who already know the Bible well should be able to recognize the heresies for what they are, without reading the book.

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  1. The only Hank Hanegraaff book that I've read is "The FACE that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution". I found a lot of your critiques of this book apply to FACE also.

    I have a running joke with Tara that Hank's Bible AnswerMan call-in can be replaced with a neverending loop of his voice saying "They're a cult. Buy my book."


  2. I think I remember you saying that but didn't make the connection that it's the same author. (I never listened to his program.) You're right about the "Buy My Book" thing, though. Almost every time he recommended resources on a topic, he included at least one of his own books.


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